sup bitchez
i'm a 'yolo' person but i can be shy on occasions
and i care what others think and i love arctic monkeys and i'm 19 and i love my blog and i tend to smile often and i love my bunnies and i love vans and i hate dancing to mainstream music and i'm from zagreb and i love meeting new people and i stalk a lot and i get dissapointed a lot by others and i forgive but dont forget whats been said and done and i can't see myself in future with kids and actual job and my heart skips a beat when i see a hot guy with tattoos and i like summer nights and i love drinking in warm summer nights with my besties and i love new girl, schmidt is my favourite. i adore you me at six and a day to remember and sleeping with sirens and the kooks and all time low and nofx and mayday parade and pierce the veil and GASLIGHT ANTHEM and i love kardashians/jenners and nev and max and OMG adam elmakias, and i'm a former jonas brothers fan and i tend to fall in love easily but i rarely get attached and i love honesty and i can listen to bruno mars and ed sheeran after a taught day and i watch phineas and ferb often and i'm a messy person and my life is messed up and idk if you want to know more ask me

well that episode scared the shit out of me

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    Funniest fucking episode ever
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